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Filling F.I.R.
As per the CrPC (Criminal Procedure court) incidents are divided into two categories that is cognizable and non cognizable. For cognizable case police can register an FIR (First Information Report) and investigated further. This is govern by under section 154 CrPC. Also incase of non cognizable incidences/offences police registers the information but advices the complainant to approach court/ other legal mechanism for remedy. FIR of cognizable offences is governed under section 154 CrPC whereas non cognizable reports are governed under section 155 of the CrPC. Procdure and important aspects of the First Information Report (FIR) of cognizable offences are mentioned below:
  • The complainant suppose to get the signed copy of the FIR at the police station at free of charge.
  • FIR is register as soon as without any delay after the incident.
  • Place & time of incident and about any other important avidance should be mentioned during the FIR registration process
  • The reason should be clearly mentioned if the FIR registration is delayed.
  • Any information other then written or oral in the Police Station is not considered as FIR, its just information.
  • Police does not carry any type of investigation on non cognizable offence report.
  • After the FIR registration police investigates the case collect evidences gets the statement of the witness and prepair Final report known as chargesheet and submit it before the Court for further process.
  • Incase of insufficient or no evidence in the complaint police submits a Final Report which is known as FR.

Note: If the complaint is found false and fake police submits the closer report as per the process defined under section 182, 211 IPC.